Short Film now available to watch!!!

Hey guys, I am so excited to tell you about our short film that is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play (called "Anthems: A Journey Around the World"). Just a quick recap, the movie has already done the international film festival circuit where it has won 9 awards and had 11 selections.

We are so proud that you are all able to see our 80 anthems journey in a way you have never known. You have seen what happened through my blogs, but seeing the movie is like experiencing it for yourself. It is very educational and the short movie is even good for young children!

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, here is the trailer for the short film:

Here are the links to the movies:



Google Play:

I have a favour to ask my subscribers outside of North America. Can you please write back and let me know if you can access the movie on any of those links? Thanks!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!



Vancouver Premieres of Our Documentary Films!

Hey guys! I know I have not posted a blog in a long time, and I would like to apologize. I have been very busy because I changed schools and I have lots of new homework, so that keeps me from writing my blogs as often. 

I wanted to let you guys know that, after doing the international film festival circuit and winning over 8 awards for each film, we are proud to announce the Vancouver Premieres of our short and long films! We have worked very hard to get these films finished and we have spent hours and hours revising them and working with our amazing directors (Gordon Woolvett in Vancouver for the long film and Stephanie Dieter  in Atlanta for the short film). They will be premiering February 25th at The Cinematheque in downtown Vancouver at 1pm and 2pm. This event will be a fundraiser for SOS Children's Villages BC and all funds raised will go straight to them. Here is the link so you can get tickets if you like:

To our worldwide subscribers: stay tuned, we know that you may not be able to come to Vancouver, but if you still want to see our movie(s), they will be digitally available in the coming months. We will make an announcement when that happens.

I hope you guys have an amazing day!

Thanks for reading and watching,



Short Film Premiere at San Diego Int'l Kids' Film Festival

Hello everybody!!! Hope you have had an amazing summer so far. 

I wanted to tell you about our short documentary (just an fyi that there are two films: a short and a long documentary) and about how it is premiering at a film festival in the US. The film is going to premiere on August 26, 2017 at the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival. Here is the link to the trailer:


Ok, now that you're back, I wanted to tell you about the awards we have won so far: Best Documentary Short at the upcoming Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and we also won an award at the Impact DOCS Awards. 

We have submitted to many other film festivals for the Short Documentary and the Long Documentary and we will keep you updated!

I hope that you have a fantastic rest of your summer and I'll see you later.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!



Our song is finally up on iTunes!!

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that our new song, called I Am, We Are, is finally being released to iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify!! 

The song is also in our documentary that will be coming out this summer. It features Capri and Sparsh Shah, who is an amazing rapper from New Jersey. You may recognize him because he was also in the Heal The World children's compilation with Capri. It also features a choir from Atlanta, Georgia. I think that it is a very inspiring song, with a great beat.

Here are the links in case you are interested in buying the song:

1. iTunes:

2. Google Play:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!


Speaking Tour Highlights

Hey guys, hope you had a nice Spring Break! Our school talks went really well! All the schools loved them!!! Capri spoke at 15 schools in Toronto and Ottawa over a period of two weeks. Her main topic was: "Canada's 150th Birthday: 80 Anthems to Celebrate our Cultural Mosaic".  She talked about her experiences during our 80 anthems journey as well as her We Day appearances.  She also talked about how everyone has a talent that they can use for the good of others.

The highlights of our trip are just in the youtube video down below.

One of my favourites was École Forest Trail, a bilingual school about an hour from our rented apartment. They had an amazing crowd. We also loved Paul Penna Jewish Day School and PL Robertson.  All of them had incredible enthusiasm and the kids loved our story!

Nice video right!!! Can't wait to update you guys on the documentary, so please stay tuned as more info is coming soon!!!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!