The Final Anthems!!

To start this blog off, I would like to thank everybody who helped us, donated to SOS Children's Villages and everyone who read my blog. We have raised a lot of money for SOS Children's Villages along with millions of dollars worth of SOS advertising through media, etc. We have met some amazing people. Although the media tells us all the time that the world is a cruel place full of violence and death, we have shown that not all of the world is like that.

I have also realized that not all kids have everything they want (yeah I'm talking to you kids). And it's not all unicorns and rainbows in every country.  There are around 18 million orphans and so many poor people in so many of the countries that we visited.  Now, take all of what I just said about all the bad stuff in the world, erase it and let me tell you that the world is full of amazing people, places and events. 

Ok, now onto Toronto. Toronto is a gargantuan city, so we could not go everywhere in 10 days. But we were able to sing at a baseball game, watch a baseball game (by the way the Jays won!!) and lots of other cool stuff. We also stood on the longest street on Earth here in Toronto!!

We had a incredible amount of media interested in our story. CTV news brought us up to the CN Tower for an interview and I did a blog on the glass floor!!!!!!!!!! (see below)

Capri was on the front page of the Toronto Sun and here is a link to a great article in the Toronto Star that actually quoted my blog :):

Also, Capri went on the new morning show with Ben Mulroney called "Your Morning":

Here is the video from Capri singing the anthems at the Jays game:

Thanks for following along on our journey and I will keep you updated on everything that we do next!

Thanks for reading and watching!



Anthem #80: U.S

As you all know this is country EIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited to proclaim to the world that we have made it!!!!!!!!!! We would love to thank you all for supporting us through our journey, especially everyone from SOS Children's Villages and all those who donated to this amazing charity (fyi it isn't too late to donate and here is the link:

This event was the biggest of all... A BASEBALL GAME!!!!!!!!!! But before that, we had the most busy days of our lives. SOS booked suites in the baseball stadium for an SOS party to watch Capri sing her 80th anthem. The head of PayPal Canada was there (he is on the SOS Board) along with a Canadian Colonel. Here it is!!!:

We had amazing media coverage of this last event. Here's one article:

While we were in Washington D.C, we went to 2 of the Smithsonian Museums and the Spy Museum. All of which were amazing!!! 

The Spy Museum was incredible! The parts I liked the most were the vents that you could crawl through from room to room. They even a bar that you hang on to and it goes up then it shakes a bit and a clock starts and you must hold on for sixty seconds (like James Bond). They also had a bunch of Bond movie props.

Washington D.C was really awesome!! Now, off to Toronto where Capri will sing at a Blue Jays game on August 26th!! 

Thanks for reading and watching!!



Anthem #79: Iceland

.Iceland is country 79 and we are proud to have gotten this far! The first time people to set foot anywhere near North America or Iceland were Vikings. Specifically, the Viking named Erik the Red. Erik named Greenland that so that anyone who went there thought, because it was named Greenland, it would be nice and warm.  But when they went there, they froze to death. He also named Iceland so that people would not come there because they would expect it to be freezing cold!

We really loved Iceland but, it was SO expensive. A ten minute taxi was forty dollars! Capri sang the beautiful (but very hard to pronounce) Icelandic anthem in front of the church that starts with a H and is very hard to spell (Hallgrímskirkja). Here is the anthem singing below:

We met the SOS Director at the Church  that Capri sang at, then he took us on a tour of some of the nearby landmarks (video blog below).  

He took us to the President's house nearby and we knocked on the door... HE ANSWERED THE DOOR and we got to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PHOTO BELOW)

The national Iceland TV also came to cover the event. Click here to see the clip:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!

Anthem #78: England

We went to two different places in England: London and Oxford. London is one of the oldest cities in the world with a lot of history:

London was formed when Romans invaded Britain in 55 B.C and soon founded the city of Londinium. But in A.D 60 Queen Boudicca of the Iceni tribe attacked the Roman city and burned it to the ground. However, the Romans regained control and slowly built up a wall around it to protect against future attacks. The Romans left Londinium around the fifth century as the Roman Empire began to crumble, leaving Londinium deserted. As different tribes took control of England London became important enough to have a church built: St. Paul's. There is a church (not the same one) on the same spot as the original one was built. During the ninth and tenth centuries London was attacked several times by the savage viking tribes of Scandinavia.

Few years passed before the Normans invaded from France, that was when William the conqueror seized power.  He built a stronghold in the middle of London (the tower of London still standing today). It was complete with a mint (where coins are made) and a prison and weapons room.

Our experience of London was great, our hotel room, not so much!! It was the smallest hotel room you can possibly think of. We visited Big Ben and I did a video blog. Just so you know, Big Ben is the name of the bell in the clock not the clock!! (vlog below)

Capri sang at the Gilbert and Sullivan festival before the operetta called the  Pirates of Penzance. Please listen to the beautiful God Save The Queen below:

A big thanks to Amanda and Damien for letting us stay at their house and for driving us three hours to the festival!!

We had media come and they wrote an amazing article:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!!



Anthem #77: Wales

We were very excited to go to Wales because I have never met any of my dad's relatives, other than his mother and his sister. So when we got there, we met my Great Uncle Norman, Joe my second cousin and Chris, Ashley and Alyson, my cousins once removed.

Alyson gave us the idea of singing at the Eisteddfod, which is a Welsh festival that happens every summer and we contacted them and Capri was invited to sing at the event. 

It was an amazing anthem singing, please see the video below:

We were so excited to be interviewed by BBC TV and BBC RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the link to the BBC website: CLICKONTHESEWORDS

Here's a picture of me when we were getting interviewed at the BBC:

Can't believe that we only have three countries left!!!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!