We day

This is us with Craig Kielburger!!


We were so pumped for We Day!!! You can’t buy a ticket to we day you have to earn one. We saw:

1. Silken Laumann

2. Francesco Yates

3. Chris Hadfield

4. Henry Winkler

5. Becca Tobin

6. Hedley

7. Barenaked ladies

8. Marlee Matlin

And a few others.I had a lot of fun and it was so amazing and inspiring.(#weday)

The crowd was so energetic and LOUD!!

Craig Kielburger had so much energy.I loved it and there was free food in the green room!!  We got to go backstage and into the green room because Capri was speaking.

Even adults would love we day. If you want to go, just go to we.org then check it out. Free the children is  awesome.

There motto was We are powerful and We can change the world!!!!

Everything was so full of energy even I was.

When they wanted us to put on the light on our phones the stadium looked like the sky in Australia.

It was amazing computers and laptop everywhere and the crowd pumpers were so funny.

I took the bully pledge.

When you are  in the middle of rogers arena the people sitting up top look like ants.

There were a few hosts and 2 djs. My sister was fabulous!!!!!

See you next time bye!!