Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould

Jody is the Minister of Justice and the MP for our area in Vancouver. We had an event today with SOS and Jody at the Department of Global Affairs spoke at it.

These are my notes from the meeting:

  • Anthem sung by Capri.
  • Jody, the Minister of Justice said a few words: "We will help the children."
  • Diane  from the Government department said a little speech: "We  thank the young people in Canada who volunteer for SOS all over the world. We all want to thank SOS for its hard work and its generosity!! When children have  a brighter future we all have a brighter future. The least you can do is participate and volunteer. Participation is important." #GlobalGoals
  • Mikka  from SOS said a few words: "It is so great to be a part of something like SOS Children's Villages. We are here and we will make a difference. We must end the non education barrier between poor people and us SOS volunteers and ambassadors."
  • Sofia Garcia-Garcia from SOS International said a few words: "For education to happen we need to HELP!!!
  • Boyd, the CEO of SOS answered a question: "They need help from wealthy countries like Canada to give money to poorer places like the slums of India. The world needs to know the rights of the children!!!!
  • Diane said a few words at the end: "We have so many  young leaders in here and i thank you young leaders."

Over all i really enjoyed the event. I learned that when children have a brighter future we all have a brighter future. 

 Thanks for reading and watching bye!!!