Anthem #7: Barbados

By Bowen Everitt

We got  to Barbados and our taxi driver's name was Orlando. Orlando was 85 and knew the town like the back of his old veiny hand. So he took us all the way up to the Providence Elementary school, which was at the old Francia Plantation. 

The first owner of the Francia Plantation was from France and this is where the name "Francia Plantation" came from. We think that it was an old sugar cane  plantation. But now it is an elementary school.

The principal, Roseneath Jackson, is actually from Toronto, Canada and she told us that the guy who built the school, Eugene Melnyck, is the owner of the hockey team, the Ottawa Senators.

We set up the tripod and Capri sang the national anthem with the grade 3 and 4's. A news reporter came from the Caribbean Broadcast Corporation and interviewed Capri and my mom. 

Overall I thought Barbados was very colourful and we had a very good day.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!!!! Bye!