Anthems #8 & 9: St.Lucia & St.Kitts and Nevis

St.Lucia: We arrived at the beautiful St.Lucia port and we walked to the Ave Maria Girls Primary School. We had to ask 5 people for directions. We were lucky because it was their last day of school and 2 of the girls won a contest so they won a big Christmas party and we were there when it happened. There was a DJ and everything! Every time the song "Cheerleader" came on, the kids in every class were singing along and dancing.

We got interviewed bye the local tv station, HTS St.Lucia, in the computer room and we sang with the school choir. They were beautiful singers!!!

St.Kitts: We arrived at the St..Kitts port and we got off the boat and we took a cab to Ross University. We sang with the children and we filmed it. I was very excited that the IT guy, Kevin, showed me around the school. It had some pretty cool tech like a projected monitor on a white board and Macs for doing essays and projects. After, the school principal gave us a tour of the island and we got to ride a donkey while holding a baby monkey!!! I was so excited!!! Then the principal brought us back to the boat.

Thanks for reading and watching! Bye!!