Anthem #13: Trinidad & Tobago

By Bowen Everitt

We arrived in Trinidad after 6 connecting flights. We were flying Liat (late) airlines and it was 3 hours late, so we arrived at 2:00 am. The next morning we prepared for the belt change that my sister was singing at. We got there at 4:30 pm and we were very happy to see that there were 4 dojos there with about 300 martial artists and about 200 spectators. We learned that the Trinidad & Tobago national anthem can be sung on only one key. It is a law. 

We got all the mikes and speakers ready, then the national instrument of T&T (the steel drum) was played alongside Capri while she was singing the national anthem. I have never seen Professor Don Jacob smile that much EVER!!

They were tying the belts faster than at my dojo. They tied around 206 belt in 5 minutes and 17 seconds. At my dojo it takes 3 minutes to do one person beacause my dojo gives you a certificate and the other 4 dojos in Trinidad just tie the belts (no certificate, no big round of applause, just tie "woosh", tie "woosh", tie "woosh". The Shihans in Trinidad tie belts VERY fast!!!

Then the power went OUT! Everybody screamed!!!!! We got out of the youth center that the belt change took place and Professor spoke for a while. At 8:00 pm o'clock and we drove to a restaurant and we ate a LOT! By the way, the gyros in Trinidad are very good.

The next day, Sally Ann took us on and island tour then I trained with Shihan Thompson. I got a new gui and Shihan Tompson put it on!! I trained very hard and at the end we played a game called "through the window" and it was VERY fun!!! Sally Ann, who is a 2nd dan black belt, drove us back to the hotel. We said bye and the day was over.

Thanks for reading and watching!! Bye!!