Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

By Bowen Everitt

I am writing from country # 15 (The Bahamas). We wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and give you some updates from our last stop in New York!

Before we got to the Bahamas, we were in New York City because Capri was one of the winners of the American Protege International Music Competition and she got to perform at Carnegie Hall!


Amanda from SOS U.S took us out to brunch in New York. It was a very Christmasy restaurant and the food was very good.


Another thing that happen in New York was Capri sang the U.S national anthem at the Ivivva store in Union Square. At the event Capri was very surprised that Ginna Claire, who plays Glinda (stand in) in the musical Wicked on Broadway, was brought in as a guest!!

Thanks for reading and watching!!  Bye!