Anthem #15: Nicaragua

By Bowen Everitt

We arrived in Managua one day late after having our flight cancelled because of bad weather. We had to stay a day in Miami, then we got to the gate and we just barely made it on the plane. My mom's suitcase got lost and was sent on another flight heading to Managua. But we got it back the next day.

We went straight to the SOS Children's Village from the airport and we arrived just in the nick of time. There we met  Elizabeth, who was very nice but did not speak English. We did a little bit of a presentation about our trip and the translator Denise translated it all to Spanish. The children seemed very shy at first but then they started to ask us questions and smile.

They gave us a mango/orange juice and and some delicious cake. Then, Capri sang the national anthem with the children. 

After the anthem singing,  the kids dragged my dad and I out into the field to play futbal (soccer for us).

Overall, I thought the village and the people in it were very nice.

Thanks for reading and watching! Bye!!