Anthem #4: Belize Anthem Medley

We had to take a little boat to the port of Belize City because the water was too shallow for our boat to dock. Hugo, a successful realtor, had offered to help find some kids to sing with, so we went to his office.

He took us to Port Loyola Community Preschool and we sang the anthem with the very adorable children. They all knew their national anthem and they all sung it with pride.

Afterwards, Hugo took us to a beach. Do you want the good news? It was very nice, it had a VERY big slide, a water trampoline and a Tarzan rope swing. And now for the bad news? The city recently had a big flood of 22 inches of rain in one day. Hugo told us that they found a giant crocodile swimming in the hospital yard and a 12 foot boa constrictor slithering across the street!!

I was glad that we were not in Belize when that happened!

Thanks for reading and watching.