Padcaster Equipment


Today I will be talking to you guys about the Padcaster equipment for ipad air 2.  Padcaster makes the ipad camera better and the microphone sound much, much better.

We need the Padcaster stuff because we will be shooting national anthems in each of the 80 countries and I will be interviewing kids from around the world with it.
We have a tripod  already and so we have ordered the Padcaster bundle which includes mincrophone, lense, camara mount and clips,

It is cool.  Like VERY cool.  I have told lots of kids in my school about the Padcaster.

We have also bought a SLIK tripid that has 3 extentions so it can go really high or really low.

I will be putting the ipad Padcaster and tripod in my carry-on backpack for most of the time. 

It will be on my dads ipad air. It only fits on a ipad air. Its an ipad air caster if you ask me. My dad will help me with my setup and with the tripod in the midle.  

It will be fun.

I like electronics and stuff like that and I will be going in a computer camp in 12 hours! I will be a computer programer for a hobby and a baseball player for my job!

If you did not know i like baseball alot super alot!!!!

I will be coding an app on the trip so i hope it is good. If you wood download it i wood be very happy!
It will have a lot of countries and stuff that is why i am doing the interviews!

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