UN convention on the rights of the child

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Today I will be talking about how I learned about the United Nations with my scout pack. The UN is relevant to our trip because it is an international organisation.

Here is what we did in scouts. So we got in our dens and did grand howl, then we got into a circle and talked. Our scout leader asked us to solve the problems of certain countries.

Our country was U.S.A. It was in a famine. We had the idea to bring alot of food packets and water bottles to the U.S.A. Then we switched groups and then we had India and found that it was torn by war. Then we switched groups again. Then we had Australia and discovered that it had too much nuclear waste in its rivers.

After we played chaos and 4 square and kicked the ball so high that the ball hit the top of the gym. Then we did closing and put down the flag and went home.

The UN is important because they helped to make something called the UN convention on the rights of the child. The convention is important because it talks about these 3 things: 1.Respecting what children have to say, 2.Protecting children's rights, 3.
Listening to children.

I want people around the world to respect the rights of children.