Going to the travel doctor

Hi and welcome to Bowen's blog.  This is my blog on The Travel Doctor.
After being interviewed by the Doctor for a pretty long time, my family and I got 3 shots each.  She thought 80 countries was a lot.

One needle was for Hepatitis.  One needle was for Yellow Fever and the last one was for Typhoid Fever.
(They all hurt a teeny bit but not NEARLY as much as I thought!).  No need to be afraid of these needles, everybody, it's not that bad! 

We also need to take pills for Malaria. Malaria is caused by mosquitos.  Believe it or not, the mosquitos only come out at night!
Typhoid Fever is caused by infected food and unclean water and Yellow Fever is also caused by mosquitos.  
(The Travel doctor was very smart and she definitely knew what she was doing).

We are all a bit sore and it hurts to move my arm a bit after a few hours of being home. Ow!
My sister's friend went to Africa and she said that malaria pills were so sweet that her sister barfed.  LOL.  
When we are in Africa we have to have three of them a day.  Uh oh.  I bet they won't be that bad and beside, I only need to have two!  Oh ya uh huh, ya ya ya!

Talk to you soon everyone!