Currencies of the world

Currencies of the 80 Countries

1.     Canada- Canadian dollar

2.     Turks & Caicos – American dollar

3.     Dominican Rep- Dominican peso

4.     Mexico (Cozumel)-Mexican peso

5.     Belize-Belize dollar

6.     Honduras-Honduran lempira

7.     Cayman Islands-Cayman is dollar

8.     USVI-American dollar

9.     Barbados-Barbadian dollar

10.                      St. Lucia-East Caribbean dollar

11.                        St. Kitts- East Caribbean dollar

12.                        Puerto Rico-American dollar

13.                        Trinidad & Tobago-Trinidad &Tobago dollar

14.                        Bahamas-Bahamian dollar

15.                        Nicaragua-Nicaraguan cordoba

16.                        Costa Rica-Costa Rican colon

17.                        Panama-Panamanian balboa

18.                        Columbia-Colombian peso

19.                        Ecuador-American dollar

20.                        Peru-Peruvian Nuevo sol

21.                        Chile-Chilean peso

22.                        Argentina-Argentine peso

23.                        Uruguay-Uruguayan peso

24.                        New Zealand-New Zealand dollar

25.                        Australia- Australian dollar

26.                        Japan-Japanese yen

27.                        South Korea - South Korean won

28.                        China-Renminbi

29.                         Taiwan-New Taiwan dollar

30.                        Philippines - Philippine peso

31.                        Vietnam-Vietnamese dong

32.                        Thailand-Thai baht

33.                        Laos-Lao kip

34.                        Cambodia-Cambodian riel

35.                        Singapore-Singapore dollar

36.                        Malaysia-Malaysian ringgit

37.                        Indonesia-Indonesian rupaih

38.                        India-Indian rupee

39.                        Kenya- Kenyan shilling

40.                        South Africa-South African rand

41.                        Qatar-Qatari riyal

42.                        Israel-Israeli new shekel

43.                        Spain-Euro

44.                        France-Euro

45.                        Monaco-Euro

46.                        San Marino-Euro

47.                        Italy, Rome-Euro

48.                        Vatican City-Euro

49.                        Switzerland-Swiss franc

50.                        Liechtenstein-Swiss franc

51.                        Germany-Euro

52.                        Luxembourg-Euro

53.                        Belgium-Euro

54.                        Netherlands-Euro

55.                        Poland -Polish złoty

56.                        Czech Republic-Czech Koruna

57.                        Austria-Euro

58.                        Slovakia-Euro

59.                        Hungary-Hungarian forint

60.                        Romania-Romanian leu

61.                        Serbia-Serbian dinar

62.                        Croatia-Croatian kuna

63.                        Slovenia-Euro

64.                        Bosnia- Bosnia & Herzegovina convertible mark

65.                        Montenegro-Euro

66.                        Kosovo-Euro

67.                        Macedonia-Macedonian denar

68.                        Bulgaria-Bulgarian lev

69.                        Greece-Euro

70.                        Denmark-Danish krone

71.                        Norway-Norwegian krone

72.                        Sweden-Swedish krona

73.                        Finland-Euro

74.                        Estonia-Euro

75.                        Ireland-Euro

76.                        Scotland-Pound sterling

77.                        Wales-Pound sterling

78.                        United Kingdom-Pound sterling

79.                        United States-US dollar

  • People use to trade things instead of using money they called it bartering.

  • Each part of the world came up with it’s own preferred currency.

  • Some people used shells as currency at first they were used but then people figured out that they didn’t last long.

  • All over the world precious metals like gold and silver had value all over the world.

  • The metals were traded in pieces, and their value was determined by weight.

  • Since weight varied from scale to scale metal was weighed before every new transaction.

  • Eventually someone came up with the brilliant idea  to mark the metal’s weight right on it.

  • The coins were too heavy and not very good for big payments.

  • Paper money was invented  to solve that problem.

  • Originally, every note of paper money in the U.S. represented a quantity of gold held by the U.S.

  • With the exception of the European Union, which is a group of European countries who all share the same currency, almost every country in the world has its own form of currency.

  • You also might be wondering why different currencies have different exchange rates. An exchange rate is the amount of money needed to exchange a certain amount of money in another currency.

  • For example, right now the Canadian dollar is very low, so you would need to spend 1.32 Canadian dollars to buy 1 American dollar