Anthem #19: Ecuador

We got to the village and the director Natasha gave us a tour of the village. We went into one of the village houses and I got to meet all 7 of the children that lived there. One of the SOS mothers made a traditional Ecuadorian lunch for us.  I interviewed 2 of the children and one of them said that if he had one wish, it would be to have a bicycle.  That made me feel that, if I had a bicycle at that moment, I would have given it to him. 

Here is a video of Capri singing the Ecuadorian anthem with the children of the village:


In Quito, Ecuador, we also got to do something very cool.  We went to the Mitad del Mundo, which means the middle of the Earth.

Below I  have added a video of me doing a blog at the middle of the earth:


We went to a museum about the Mitad del Mundo. The tour guide showed us some cool things:

1. If you stood on the equator, you could balance an egg on a nail because the gravity is equal on both sides. The equator divides the northern and southern hemispheres.

2. If you pull the plug of a bath tub in the northern hemisphere you will notice that the water goes counter clockwise in a spiral, but in the southern hemisphere the water goes clockwise in a spiral. On the equator, however, water goes straight down without any spiral.

3. My dad stood on the equator and I was able to pry his fist open very easily, but went he stepped off of the equator, I was not able to pry his fist open.

Thanks for reading and watching bye!!!