Anthem #20: Peru

We opened the village gates and we were amazed at how beautiful  the village was. A basketball court, a soccer field and another basketball court beside each other. The houses were neatly positioned side by side around one of the fields. Some of the children came out to greet us. They were cheerful and seemed happy to be there. We played with the children for about 2 hours and then we practiced the anthem in one of the study rooms. They all
did a great job!! 

The next morning we went to the study room with a Chinese television reporter who interviewed us. The children sang the national anthem with Capri and we were finished. 
Here is the anthem singing:

One of the SOS administrators gave us a tour of the village house by house. Then we went to one of the SOS houses and the SOS mother cooked us a delicious dinner. Here is a video of me at one of the SOS casas (houses) that SOS Canada funded:


The next morning we were ready to leave the village. It was a two hour drive to downtwn in terrible traffic. We arrived at one of Peru's most well known radio stations: Radio Nacional. 

The next day we went to one of Perus many beaches. The water was very cold and the beach had rocks instead of sand. We wore wet suits and surfed for 1 hour then we came back to our place.
Thanks for reading and watching by!!!