Carnaval Montevideo

In Uruguay, we went to a Carnaval Museum in Montevideo. We were talking to one of the desk clerks and we told her about 80 anthems. She was amazed and immediately called one of the administrators to see if she could find a venue for Capri to sing the Uruguayan anthem. She found the perfect place! That night, we went to the Carnaval opening at a huge theatre called Teatro de Verano and Capri sang the national anthem with a popular Uruguayan singer. It was amazing and you can see the video below!

Backstage at the show, one of the backstage hands was frantically trying to find string to tie the microphone onto the mic stand and she quickly grabbed the string that I was playing with and she used it! When the show started, I noticed that it was on the lead singer's mic!! I thought it was pretty funny!

Here is a collage my mom made of the event: 

Here is the video of Capri singing the anthem:

Thanks for reading and watching!