Anthem #17: Panama

Today I went to one of the seven wonders of the world: The Panama Canal. It was amazing! My family and I saw 3 ships go through. One of the ships was even from Singapore. Then, we saw a little video on the Panama Canal.

The French started the canal in 1881 in the Culbra cut, but a lot of workers died of disease so they could not keep the project open. A famous railroad engineer got hired to finish it, but he failed to do so. So, a U.S army general got ordered to finish it by President Roosevelt himself. He finished it and the first boat to go through the canal was in 1914. Scientists found out that they drilled so much building the canal that it could have gone through our entire planet and 900 kilometers beyond.

Now, the Panamanian government is spending a lot of money building an extension to the canal with sliding doors and a water replenishing system. They are doing this to let more big ships through the canal.

Now about the village. The next day we took the metro to the Albrook mall then we took a taxi to the SOS village in Panama. We got to the village and Amelia introduced us the SOS village director. The kids were just getting ready for the anthem  singing. Capri sang the anthem with the children. They had a giant pile of bananas sitting in the kitchen. Then we said our good byes and left.

Thanks for reading and watching bye!!