Anthem #18: Colombia

We got off the plane and Claudia from SOS Colombia picked us up and immediately brought us to the SOS village. We arrived at the SOS village and we got to the guest house. The children were very nice and we tried to communicate even though they did not speak English. Capri practiced the national anthem with the children.

In my vlog below I am at one of the largest media stations in Colombia, El Tiempo, as we went there to be interviewed. I met the social media director, Wilson, and he was very nice.

The next day City tv arrived at the village and did a story about our journey. Capri and the children sang the national anthem. They were the most enthusiastic children we had ever met. After Capri sang the national anthem they were chanting CAPRI!!! CAPRI!!! CAPRI!!! We had a delicious lunch with traditional Colombian food and left the village.

One of the largest radio stations in Colombia interviewed Capri, here is a clip below (click on the picture to view and listen):

Thanks for reading and watching!