80 Anthems Update and Documentary!!!

Hi guys, sorry about not doing a blog in such a long time. We have been busy.! Right now, we are in Atlanta to film interviews for the end of our documentary!!! Before that, though, Capri spoke at We Day Manitoba and she also did a TED Talk!!!!! TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. She did the TED Talk at a TEDX event in Mumbai, India!!!! Sorry you can't watch the talk yet only because the professionaly filmed version comes out in a few weeks. This event that Capri spoke at was the largest TEDX event in all of Asia. Here is a picture of Capri opening the conference by singing the Indian national anthem:

When Capri spoke at We Day she was really excited. Only my mom and Capri were able to go just because We Day offered to pay if only two people went. Capri got to meet Paula Abdul and some other celebrities. My school was able to watch the We Day speech live on tv. They all thought Capri did amazing!!! Here is a picture of Capri hanging out with Paula Abdul:

We have been filming the documentary in Atlanta, Georgia for the past few days. Its been pretty fun but it is not easy. We are making pretty good progress on this documentary and our fabulous director, Stephanie Dieter has been working very hard to make this film the best that she can! I think it is going to be great that all of you are going to be able to experience everything we did in those different countries when you watch this documentary. I even got to use the slate!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!