Anthem #25: Australia

                        Sydney Opera House

One of my most favourite things that we did here was our visit to the Sydney Opera House. There is a quote on the wall of the Opera House from one of the architects who helped build it that said: "The sun did not know how beautiful its own light was until it shone off this building." 

I did some research and here is what I found out:

Before the Sydney Opera House was built, the builders and the architect, Jorn Utzon, estimated that it would take 5 years to build. However, the shells (exterior layer) of the building alone were later found to take 150,000 man hours to design, let alone build them. When the architect heard this, he ran from the country in disgrace. Although  it was finished in 1973, Utzon has still not seen his finished Opera House.  As you can see by the picture below, I think this is the kind of structure that you could look at for hours.

As you will see in the video below, Capri was given special permission to sing on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. 

Capri also got invited to sing at 2 different breakfast shows in Australia. Below I have added both videos:

Here is a video of Capri singing the national anthem with kids from Knight Frank and on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Thanks for reading and watching!