Anthem #27: South Korea

When we arrived at the airport in Seoul, South Korea,  we were surprised at how cold it was: around 2 degrees C. We were greeted by the SOS Children's Village staff who kindly picked us up. When we got to the village, we met the social media manager and all the people that Capri was going to sing with. 

The next day we got ready to sing the national anthem. It  was pretty convenient that they had a library in the performance room. First, they had a special Korean music group come to perform.  They set up drums and played a national song on the drums. Then they got Capri set up with another famous Korean child singer named Ji-A. She is 10 years old and is also an SOS Children's Ambassador.  Her mom is a Korean movie star and her dad is a famous Korean soccer player.

Capri and Ji-A sang the national anthem with a crowd of little SOS kids. It was a very nice village and it is about 15 years old, although some of the houses had just been built. After the anthem singing, Ji-A and her mom took us to the SOS baby house. There were 9 baby boys living at the baby house and they had all been abandoned.  It was really sad, but I was happy that SOS provided a home for them. (Pictures and video below)

Here is a video of Capri singing the national anthem at the village and at a special ceremony at city hall with a famous Korean singer and politicians:

My mom and dad also had the idea of going to the Canadian embassy in every country to ask if they could do anything or set up any events for us. The embassy here was amazed by our story and we were invited to go and meet with the Ambassador of Canada to Korea: Eric Walsh. He LOVED our story and offered to help us get in touch with other embassies around the world.  Here we are with Ambassador Walsh below:

Thanks for reading and watching!!