Anthem #28: China

We took a flight from Korea to ShanghaI, then from Shanghai to Fuzhou. Our plane from Korea to Shanghai was late so we had to transfer from that plane all the way to gate one. We came up the escalator and saw a transfer helper. We thought she was walking fast until she told us that we had 2 minutes to get to the gate then we had to run!! We each got transfer stickers and then she took us through 1 line of security then 1 line of customs. As soon as we got to the second line of security we thought that the plane was right behind it, but no, it was another 200 yards. Stuff was flying out of our backpacks and Capri's whole backpack fell (but the transfer lady picked it up and we kept sprinting!). Fortunately, we made it to the gate and into the plane! Phew!

When we got off the plane in Fuzhou, China, we got our luggage and we met the SOS sponsorship coordinator: Aileen Chen, who had come all the way to the airport to pick us up and bring us to the SOS village. The village was amazing and it had a full running track with a basketball court and an outdoor gym and ping pong tables! 

The Chinese believe in luck and it is part of tradition. Here is a story that involves luck: I interviewed a little boy (picture below) at the village and I asked him: "If you had one wish what would it be." He thought about it for a minute, then said "I want to be lucky my whole life." I was suprised because no one in any of the villages had ever said that. Not one!!

The anthem singing went very well and the children were so disciplined and perfect.  The choreography was amazing and they did it so many times until they got it perfect. Please see the video below. We had to use Vimeo for this video as the people in China cannot see any videos on YouTube.

One of the other things I liked in China was the food. It was amazing and in the three meals we had at the village, we ate about 25 different dishes. 

The Chinese SOS village administrators and the Chinese TV news reporters took great interest in my blog because they cannot see the videos on the front page of the website, they can only read my blog!!! 

Thanks for reading and watching!!!