Anthem #24: New Zealand

The day we arrived in Auckland, we went to a big festival that was part of a special celebration of Auckland's 75th Anniversary.  Capri sang the national anthem at the Tamaki Herenga Waka Festival, which represented a special event for the Maori people of Auckland. 

I thought it was interesting that the British came to New Zealand 75 years ago, but actually the Maori came to New Zealand in 750 ADC. The importance of the Maori here is demonstrated by the fact that the national anthem starts in the Maori language, showing that they came first and then in English, which shows how the British came after. 

The next day, we went to a big rugby festival in downtown Auckland at Aotea Square and a bunch of teams from Australia and New Zealand were there. We got the perfect angle to shoot and there Capri had another chance to sing the anthem onstage at a big festival in New Zealand.  Here is a video of Capri singing the anthem at the two events:

Below I added a video blog from the rugby festival:

Capri was also featured in the New Zealand Herald: 

Thanks for reading and watching!!