Anthem #30: The Philippines


We were very flattered that the biggest TV network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, decided to do a story on our journey. They sent a driver to pick us to go to the studio for the day. Along with the interview, they also invited us to go see "Showtime" as a part of the studio audience. You are probably wondering what Showtime is. Well here you go: Showtime is a crazy show where the audience participates by singing, dancing and yelling and also by playing guessing games. One of the many things that we did on Showtime was to watch a singing contest. The defending champion of the singing contest had been a 3 time winner and now she is a 4 time winner. She was a really good singer.  If the judges did not like your singing, then they would bang on a huge, very old-looking gong and you would be out!!! When the person won the contest, confetti flew everywhere. They had giant tubes of confetti above the stage and it made everything even crazier!  In the middle of Showtime, they had a big dance party that lasted about 1 minute and my dad got to play air guitar😜. 

Here are some pictures of us on Showtime:

Here is the clip from ABS-CBN TV Patrol about us:

One of the most amazing parts of our trip is meeting the kids from the SOS Children's Villages. It is incredible to walk into a place like an SOS village and meet the kids. So, as soon as we got SOS village in Manila, we joined the kids in knocking mangoes off the tree with a ball. The ball got stuck way up in the tree about 20 feet up. One of the SOS kids climbed the tree with a pole in their hand and knocked the ball and some mangoes off the tree. We got about 20 mangoes and we thought we did a pretty good job. 

ABS-CBN also came to the anthem singing event at the village. They asked us some questions that we had never heard before.  They told us that they wanted to do a story about our family and they wanted to see all of our perspectives of 80 anthems.

The village was unique in a lush kind of way as it was very green. Every house had a little garden and a pet. I interviewed a boy named Andreas who had a turtle and a few little mango trees. When I asked him what his one wish would be, he said: "My wish would be that you would come back to the village to visit me again." I thought that was such a good-hearted thing to say.

Here is the video of the anthem singing:

Thanks for reading and watching!