Anthem #32: Thailand

Hi everybody, I am in Thailand and we are only here for a short time, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about the main religion here: Buddhism. Buddhists have no gods. Instead, they believe in the four noble truths: 1. That suffering is universal; 2. That the cause of suffering is the desire to have and control; 3. That suffering ends when we rid ourselves of that desire; and 4. That the path to nirvana or spiritual enlightenment involves practicing the proper actions and thoughts. Buddhists are also very peaceful. Here is a picture of a Buddhist temple:

SOS Village: The village was very bright and had 107 children living there. The kids found ways of making toys out of bamboo leaves. First, they cut off the leaf part, then they just have the spine of the leaf and they twist the spine into the toy that they have in mind. They also play badminton a lot and they are very good at it. They also played a lot with cars that they pulled on strings and had races with. We also made home baked donuts and waffles, but that was not even breakfast. For breakfast, we got meat porridge and hotdog buns with what I thought was bacon - very interesting! So that was about it for the village. Now onto Laos!!! 

Here is the anthem video below:

See you later!!!