Anthem #33: Laos

I never even knew Laos existed until I came here. Now I figured out that it is the most heavily bombed country in the world. Just so you know, I learned this at the COPE Center in Vientiane, Laos. You may be wondering what that is. The Centre makes prosthetic limbs for victims of the bombies, one third of which are children. The children think that the bombies are nice balls to play with or even fruits that they typically eat, so they pick them up and boom!!! Often, the force of the bombie does not kill them, but the pellets that come out penetrate skin and bones, causing lots of damage. Most of the children are boys because they think that the bombie pellets are good ammunition for their sling shots. Some of them even get pressured to hit them by their friends.  That is how one child in a village got his hand blown off.  Many other children and their relatives die or lose limbs when they hit the bombies with their tools when working in the fields. 

 Around 90 million bombs were dropped here.  Here is what a bombie looks like:

There are 2 types of bombies: one type acts like a land mine when it lands and it sends out trip wire, so if you step on it, it will explode sending tiny metal pieces shooting out everywhere and killing everything. The second type of bombie spins as it falls.  If it spins enough, it explodes sending tiny metal pellets everywhere. These bombs are being improved and are being used in Afghanistan, which I really think is very wrong because they are still doing so much damage to Laos.

Fortunately, there is a group called the UXO bomb squad. If you find a bombie, you are supposed to call UXO and they will come and dig it up, put tnt on it with their bare hands and walk a half a mile away to blow it up. This is because the pellets in the shell go shooting out even without it being active. 

Many of the kids at the SOS Children's Village in Laos have been affected by these bombies by losing parents and other relatives.  I really think that the U.S should not have dropped so many bombs for no reason. It is sad that these innocent people have had to deal with something so horrible for so many years.  

Here is a picture of me playing with the children of the village:

Here is the link to the anthem video:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!!