Anthem #34: Cambodia

The city of Phnom Penh is very crowded and busy. Most of the colours of the buildings and houses are either gray or brown. The traffic is very bad. You can go into a tuktuk (I will talk about those in a bit) and think its a 10 minute ride and, because of the terrible traffic, it becomes a 40 minute ride!!! Now onto tuktuks: they are like scooters with a trailor on the end for passengers. See the picture below.

The roads are filled with tuktuks, scooters and cars, but mostly just tuktuks and scooters. Some tuktuks even have free wifi!!!!!:)

The buildings and houses are very blocky and the architecture is very simple, but you do see the odd curved building. The city also has very impressive temples, palaces and shrines. The architecture for those is influenced by the religion that they represent: Buddhism.

The SOS villages in South Eastern Asian countries that we have been to usually have more kids than other countries, such as Columbia. They are also a lot bigger than other villages. For instance, the village in Phnom Penh had 14 houses and 130 children. 

We visited one primary school beside the SOS village, which was a public school which held 1000 children.  They all seemed very happy, however, there were mountains of trash everywhere and the school yard was barren. Also, the cafeteria building was pretty broken down and reminded me of a Taiwanese market.  See the picture of Capri and I at the primary school cafeteria below (note this is not inside the SOS Village, which was very neat and tidy):

Please see the anthem video below:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!!