Anthem #29: Taiwan

The flight from China to Taiwan was a bumpy one but when we got there we took a cab to our hotel. Then a few hours later the SOS village director picked us up.  Her name was Maria Chen and she was so full of energy!! It was an hour drive to the village and when we got there they took us on a tour. They have: a bakery, around 20 houses, a main house, a church, a chicken house and a huge garden!!! I think Capri's favorite part of the village was the 1 wheeled skate boards (aka wiggle boards). That day we climbed the trees that they had. Some of the trees had such soft bark that when we tried to climb them one of the SOS kids actually ripped off a whole branch by accident.

The anthem singing happened when I just started to get sick. It was in the little church right at the end of the village. They planned a whole traditional Taiwanese dance and lots of other interesting things.  They asked Capri to sing about 40 out of the 80 national anthems :). The next day we drove back to our hotel and our time at the village ended.


I got a Rubicks cube called a "Stickerless Dianchi speed cube" in China  and I figured out how to solve it in Tiawan.  See the video below. It has little holes in between the pieces so that it can go faster and not stop and explode.

There are a bunch of different, interesting night markets in Tiawan and we went to one of them. Unfortunately, the first time we tried to go there I got sick so my dad and I had to stay home. But, yesterday we were finally able to go there without me getting sick and it was amazing!! Everything had some kind of crazy lights or weird smell. In Vancouver, we have a Chinatown, but here everything is sooooo Chinatown/Taiwan styled. Like this morning we walked outside and saw a guy eating a toad with garlic (see picture below). Ewww!! The food is so fatty I do not know how these people can eat 3 huge meals a day and still stay skinny!! Its crazy!!!!

The smell of all the garlic, the dead fish, the squid hot dog and all the strange and different food is very strong. I am not the most adventures eater but Capri will eat anything. For instance, I could never eat a squid hot dog!!! Yikes! Anyway, I can wrap it up by saying: wow, Tiawan was crazy!!!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!