Anthem #35: Singapore

Here are a couple of interesting things about Singapore: it is very organized, but at the same time the most expensive city in the world. Singapore also has lots of rules like: taxis cannot pick you up unless you are beside a taxi stop sign or they will get fined 50 dollars Singaporian dollars. The traffic system is also very orderly here, especially compared to the Philippines and Cambodia!

If you are in Singapore and you happen to see a $1000 dollar bill, you will notice that the national anthem is printed on the back. The Singapore flyer is the tallest ferris wheel in Asia and they fit all of this into a tiny 781.3 square km. CRAZY!!!

Here's a picture of Capri and I standing on one of the tallest buildings in Singapore:

On to the anthem singing. Since there is no SOS village in Singapore, we went to the Singapore Children's Society for help. It worked out better than we thought. The kids were like ambassadors from about 8 different schools. Here's the link to the anthem singing:

My mom and Capri were also on the Singapore Tonight Show. Here's the clip below:

Click on this image to go to the interview.

Click on this image to go to the interview.

Thanks for reading and watching!!

See you in Jakarta!!!