Anthem #39: India

The city in India we went to was Chennai. With a population of 8.2 million it is the second biggest city we have been to (Jakarta had 12 million people)!!!

Vancouver has lots of Indian born citizens that are now Canadian doctors and engineers. Many people throughout India are very poor so I think the opportunity to learn and get out of the poor areas is almost too much to resist. Chennai is one of the more educated areas of India. But again, lots of them are very poor, so many children have to work to survive. But, in Vancouver, all the children get to go to school without having to lift a finger to have the privilege.

In places like Vietnam, they have amazing cultural clothes, but they do not wear them all the time like Indian people. It is beautiful to see people wearing their beautiful cultural clothes all the time and not just at special events. Their special clothes are called Saris. 

The streets are full of people trying to sell you stuff. Some are even begging to keep the babies alive and it is very sad. There are also way more tuk tuks here than we have ever seen, huge buses packed with people and lots of very small, dirty, run down shops and animals like stray cows, goats and cats roaming around. 

The village was huge!! It had 175 children, 15 houses and a complete primary school - like I said huge!! The religion here is mostly Hindu, which means that it has millions of gods. The main god is Brahma who has 3 separate forms: 1. Brahma = Creator. 2. Vishnu = Preserver. 3. Shiva = Destroyer. That's Hindu for you!!! 

Here's a picture of me on the streets of India!!

Here is a picture of my family and I at the village with the people who donated the land for the village:

Below I put my India video blog: 

Anthem singing below!

See you in Abu Dhabi!