Anthem #41: South Africa

My new friend Ray and I hung out together for most of the time at the SOS village. We stayed there for 3 days, so I got to know him very well. I miss him already.  He has been at the village since he was 6 years old and here's a picture of us below.

There is some incredible history behind South Africa. For example: we found out that after Desmond TuTu won his Nobel prize, it was the first time two Nobel prize winners have ever lived on the same street because Nelson Mandela also lived there. Capri sang on the same street as the house that Mr. Mandela used to live in. The house was amazing to view if you ever go to South Africa.  There was still burnt brick from where people tried to fire bomb his house.  Twice!

In the house, they have a picture of Nelson right before he was sent to prison for 27 years and then another picture after he came back from prison. They also have a garbage can lid that was used by Mr. Mandela's children to shield bullets when people tried to shoot guns at the house. Here is a picture of me with the lid below:

By the time Nelson got back from prison his family was under 24 hour seige by the police. They actually had to build a wall inside the house because they where getting shot at so much.

You must remember two things if you visit South Africa: 1. If you have children under 18, then you have to have their birth certificates printed out and with you or you will be sent home (No joke!) and 2. You have to go to Nelson Mandela's house.  This is a must!!

Capri was also featured on the front page of the Pretoria News (see below and you can click to read the article):

She also sang at the foot of a statue of this great man. Here is a blog I did at the statue:

It happened like this: We were going to have Capri sing by herself but then we saw a school walking by and they agreed to sing too!!! It was crazy!!! (Anthem singing below).  Thank you for reading!