Anthem #46: France

It was hard getting to France because, surprise, surprise, the train workers were on strike and there was mass chaos at the station because so many of the ticket desks were closed. There were lots of police there to keep people in order.

Now, if you are en experienced traveller and you have been to France, you know that they are always on strike. That made getting to France a nightmare...It all started like this: we were happily riding the train to Montpellier. As soon as we got there, we found out there was a strike, so tried to get on a bus to Marseille, but we were too late. Then, we learned about a 10pm train ride to Marseille. But is was going to be 5 hours before the train even came. After 5 hours, we got to the platform and the train came, but it was 20 minutes late and we were exhausted. As the train pulled in, we slumped into our seats, fell fast asleep and 2 hours later, it was time to go to our hotel. Thank goodness, our hotel was right across the street from the train station.

The next day, we visited the beautiful Marseille Opera House and Capri decided that was going to be a good place to sing the anthem. We asked the opera people if we could sing there and they told us that we had to ask the Mayor. We said "Ok" and off to City Hall we went. Coincidentally, as we were asking where the Mayor's office was, the public relations woman for the Mayor, Monique Venturini, came in the door and it turns out that she was the person who knew everybody. She took us up to the office, and we could not have picked a better woman to talk to as she spent about 45 minutes calling people. Here is a picture of us with her in the beautiful City Hall building.

She was not going to take no for and answer! Eventually, she found us a presentation at the Opera House to sing at and she even wrote a letter stating that she had invited Capri to sing at there. We walked over to the Opera House and Capri sang like she had never sung before! The anthem singing video is below:

Today, we are off to Monaco!