Anthem #36: Indonesia

Jakarta is a rapidly growing metropolis of 12 million people. It used to be 171th in the world in terms of economic growth back in 2007. Only 4 years later in 2011, it moved up to being 17th in the world!

Indonesia in general has a population of about 230 million people. Jakarta alone is home to 12 million. Unfortunately, every year the water level rises 10cm or even 20cm. They plan to build a giant dike around Jakarta to prevent the water from engulfing the city. 

I am going to tell you a bit about the Muslim religion because 85 percent of Jakarta is Muslim.  Most of the woman wear head scarfs, but they have the choice whether to wear it or not wear it. We found it interesting that Muslims pray 5 times a day. There are many prayer rooms in the city, so that even if you are just walking and it is prayer time, you can just walk into a prayer room on the side of the street or in a restaurant. When it is prayer time and you are watching tv, all the tv channels show pictures of praying and Qu'ran readings. 

SOS set up an event at car free day in Jakarta and thousands of people came to watch. There were many performers and celebrities that came out to support this event. First came the guitarist, then the violinists, drummers and finally the anthem singing where Capri sang with some kids from SOS Jakarta. In Vancouver, we have a car free day, but it is way smaller than this car free day and with not nearly as many people!

My mom and my sister were on a talk show that was like the "Ellen of Indonesia".  My dad and I were also on the show and had front seats in the studio audience. It was crazy!!! Here is the clip from the show:

Here is the clip of the anthem singing which includes car free day and an event at a mall in Bandung with a wonderful children's choir that practiced very hard:

Hope you keep reading and watching!!!

See you next in Malaysia!!!