Anthem #37: Malaysia

We were only in Malaysia for 1 day, so we decided to walk around and get some exercise. My sister and my dad decided to find something to eat. They walked around for a bit and found some girls playing netball. They ran back and told us because we had been looking for some children to sing the anthem with Capri. Here they are below:

Five minutes later, we went back to the field to ask them if we could sing the national anthem with them. The teacher loved the idea of our project and she invited us to her school to sing the anthem. After Capri sang the anthem, we asked them a few questions like: "How many chapters are in the Qur'an?" Answer: 114!!! I have included a picture of the Qur'an below (the holy book of Muslims). I am going to put the anthem singing below.

We wanted to say a big thank you to the principal and the girls who sang with us from the Khalifah Model School!!! Here is the video below:

Come back for more!!!!

See ya!!!