Blue Jays Anthem Singer and Germany

For those of you who do not already know, we have some amazing news about our last stop: Capri is singing the American and Canadian national anthems at a Blue Jays Friday night game on August 26th.!! If you want to buy discount tickets, click the link below!!!

Note: the discount code is 80anthems

In Germany, we went to the city of Munich. We sang the anthem in a very famous spot there: the Rathus-Glockenspiel which is located inside the Marienplatz., a very famous square.  Everyday at 11 am it chimes and shows two stories with life-sized, toy figures acting it out. The first story is about a festival honoring the prince and his wife. In it, two life-sized knights on horseback joust. The second story is about how, in 1517, there was a plague in Germany and a group of dancers called "the coopers" are said to have danced the streets to "bring fresh vitality to fearful dispositions." At the end of the spectacle, a golden rooster at the top of the clock chirps quietly three times and that's the end of the show. I think that it is pretty impressive that something that was build in 1908 only operated by clock work could make two performances so amazing!!

A big TV station in Munich came to film the event and you can click below to see the segment that they did on our journey:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!