Anthem #56: Luxembourg

Lets start up with some interesting facts about Luxembourg: Luxembourg is the least populated country in the European Union with only 465,000 people!!! It is also the 20th smallest out of 194 countries in the world. Capri also sang at the World Peace Forum Gala!!!

In Luxembourg, we visited some castles that were more than 1,000 years old!!!!! One of the castles also had a maze-like complex of tunnels underneath, some of which my parents couldn't even fit into!!! (I'll put a video blog of that down below.) 

While we were in Luxembourg, we had a meeting at the SOS village that was not far from where we were staying. We took a 15 minute train to the SOS village and Karin Kiesendahl, the Pedalogical Director, showed us the village.

"This looks more like a neighbourhood than an SOS village," I said. "That's the point," she said. She explained that the SOS village is supposed to look more like a friendly neighbourhood then a home for orphans. This SOS village was beautiful and it even
had a kind of mini SOS village for stray animals that were found in a nearby animal sanctuary. We took a look inside the animal home and it was amazing as it had: guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, gold fish and even chinchillas, birds and finally parrots!!! Outside they had ponies and 3 horses donkeys and cows!!! Many of the children in the SOS village were there because of abuse, so the reason they had so many animals was to teach the children that just because you are bigger and stronger does not mean you can mistreat them. So the rule is that you wait till the animals approach you and you do not approach them. 

Capri had the pleasure of singing at the World Peace Forum, so here is the anthem singing below!!!

Here's an article written by a local newspaper:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!