Anthem #55: Netherlands

The Peace Palace in The Hague is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen!! The money that was used to make the Palace was donated by Alfred Carnegie!!! Which is funny because Capri sang at Carnegie Hall!!!! Most of the building's parts were donated by countries. For example, a massive vase in one of the hallways was donated by Russia and the gate at the front was donated by Germany. 

Inside the Palace, there is a court of justice which deals with affairs from countries around the world. It is called "The International Court of Justice". There are 15 judges that are elected for 9 year terms by the UN. The judges switch out by fives so there are always 10 judges left after they switch. We think that singing the national anthem in front of the International Peace Palace was a great symbol of world peace!!! (Anthem singing below)

Thanks for reading and watching!!!