Anthem #62: Romania

Today we are on a train and all I can think about is how crazy the last few days have been. So far it had been good until... my mother went down a waterslide in Arad. When she hit the water her leg went off to the side. We were scared because we did not know if it was a break or a torn ligament or anything bad like that!! It was not good. Because the next day we had a five hour train ride!!! We were scared!

The lifeguard called the ambulance.  We could even hear the sirens echo through the water park as the ambulance got closer and closer and closer!!

We got to the hospital and waited while our mother lay in a stretcher in one of the hospital rooms. We did not know what was going on. About 1 hour later she came out!!! We were anxious to find out if it was bad... it wasn't broken but it was a painful torn ligament and we had to find crutches. About 2 hours later we found some my mom was happy to be able to walk better!!! We also found her a knee brace.

The next day, after another 5 hour train we arrived in Cisnadie in the middle of Romania and we took a taxi to the SOS village. The next morning we walked out and sung the anthem with 9 of the SOS children.

As I type these sentences, the only sounds traveling in the air are the sound of my dad typing and the chug chug chug of the train. A few seconds ago the power went out on the train and we were in complete darkness. The only light was my computer screen.

Green trees, sloping landscapes and blue crystal water flows around the train pouring down windows, enlarging lakes. The rain is coming down in hard cold sheets, "Good thing we are in the train" I said "Yeah" my mother said.

Now if you think that Romania (Transylvania)  is filled with vampires, you're wrong. The only thing that is a little creepy are the gothic houses that dot the sloping, curving landscape and total silence through the valleys. When the odd sound is heard it echoes through the hills of Romania.

Throughout Transylvania there are lots of little town-like villages, most of which only have 100 or so houses in it. But the SOS village are always big because the land in those areas is cheap. 

Speaking of cheap Romania was so cheap that the milk we bought for breakfast was less than one of their dollars!!! The exchange of LEI to Canadian dollars is around 10 LEI for 3 Canadian dollars.

Another thing about the Romanian SOS village was the SOS houses were huge!! Each had about 5 rooms and could hold about 7 people or more!! And we thought the SOS houses in Hungary were big!

This is the second time now that the power on the train has gone out, so maybe I will wrap it up.

We are heading to Serbia next and we will have to take 3 trains and 2 buses. That's a lot of traveling in 2 days!!