Anthem #64: Croatia

The SOS village was just a short drive from Osijek. It was big and it was surrounded by large trees and other greenery and it also had
a playground. There was an administration building with our guest house on  the left. Right in front of our house stood a sort of arena with benches of concrete. That was where Capri sang the anthem. There were about 65 kids in this SOS village. The houses each held 2 families (They were big houses). Anthem singing below.

I met lots of nice boys and we made a trampoline with mattresses and played on that. There was a set of twins in the SOS village that had been there since they were 1 month old. Their mother had had them when she was 18 and she already had 2 kids. The twins were taken to the SOS village and have been there for 1 year now. They were adorable!! Here's a picture of them.

We said our goodbye's and off to Bosnia we went!! 

Thanks for reading and watching!!