Anthem #65: Bosnia

I am sure that most of you know what the Bosnian war was about. If you don't, please click the link below and you will go to the page with my war report:  Bosnian War Report. Hope you like it!!

Now if you are on a trip and you do not know where to go, visit Sarajevo, Bosnia. "If there is one place I would buy souvenirs, it is Bosnia," my sister said. Consider visiting Sarajevo as it is an amazingly beautiful place with a sad history.  Here is a picture of Capri and I in front of one of the many buildings in Sarajevo that is covered in bullet holes:

We also went to the Bosnian war museum. Here was a story they showed in a documentary: 

It starts off in a old building and a child is asked by his mother to “Go get some water.” A cart with bread pulls up and people rush to get water and bread. Then the sound of guns being fired fills the air and bombing starts!
The kids rushes to get home…As he walks in, he finds his mother, father and baby brother… dead. It was a film based on a true story. It was really sad, but it happened here along with many other tragic events. 

There SOS village was on a hill and the anthem singing was beside one of the houses we ate at:

You may think "Why is Capri humming the anthem instead of singing it?" Well, the Bosnian anthem does not even have unofficial lyrics because of the war between the different ethnic groups!!! As you can see, she was also playing it on the keyboard, a new idea that came up before humming the anthem did.

We played with the kids for most of the time, even though we were only there for one night.

Thanks for reading and watching!!