Anthem #58: Poland

We were excited to be in Poland as it was one of the places we were looking forward to going to from the start of 80 anthems (at least I was) and we were not at all disappointed. The SOS Village was about 1 hour away from Warsaw by train. It was your classic SOS Village with houses, playground and a little administration building in the middle.

The town of Siedlce that the village was in had some interesting history: During World War II it got bombed so much that most of its beautiful buildings were destroyed. But as our translator Magda said "They were quick to re-build it".

Another interesting thing about the town was that, if you walked into the town square you could see a building with barbed wire and high walls that is the town's prison! You can even see the prisoners making signs through the bars of the prison!!

In the SOS Village, there were 2 kids that stuck out: 1 boy and 1 girl. They seemed to understand 80 anthems better than any other children we have seen on this journey. I interviewed the boy, Robert and asked him some questions. I am not going to give anything away, but I loved his answer to the question of: "If you had one wish what would you ask for?" See the video below:

The girl mostly played with Capri on the playground. You could tell that the girl really was annoyed that she could not speak English (Google translate came in handy there). We played a lot with these 2 children before the anthem singing (see below):

We also visited the SOS youth center and played foosball with the teenagers that lived there. The youth center was there so that when the kids at the SOS village grew up, they could stay there while they were in University. Our translator Magda helped us to communicate when talking to the children of the SOS village and the teenagers of the youth center.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!