Anthem #70: Estonia

We flew to Estonia from Copenhagen and had to do stopovers in Latvia and Lithuania so that Capri could sing the anthems. We are now racing to the finish of 80 countries! As we walked into the airport in Tallin, we saw that the place had immediate character, with a map on the floor and an entire wall for exchanging business cards. 

We had a amazing anthem singing here!!! It was at a festival celebrating the independence of Estonia, and the release from Soviet occupation. The festival's name in English means the "singing festival", which was perfect for our mission. Capri got to sing with a famous Estonian singer: Nele-Liis Vaiksoo.  Please see the anthem singing below:

Tallinn is a very old city, with buildings dating from the 14th century. We ate dinner at a very interesting medieval restaurant, where I did a video blog (see below)!!!

We also got a tour of the old Parliament building. The oldest part was a fortress that used to be manned by knights. It also had a tower with 215 steps and we climbed them all!

We also had great news media coverage in Estonia. Here's one of the articles.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!