Anthem #74: Finland

We spent only two days in Finland, both of which were in the SOS village.  We thought that the village was very beautiful because it was on the edge of the forest and the park nearby was one of the best parks I have ever been to! On the last day, we had a bbq where they cooked the food in a bonfire and children from another SOS village came. They said that they had to drive 12 hours with eight hours of breaks, that is a long road trip!!

Here's the anthem singing:

In Finland, we discovered Pokémon go. Pokémon go is a game made by Niantic Nintendo. It is a GPS game where you walk around catching Pokémon and battling in gyms. Very recently it was released in Canada, and Finland!!! I caught Squirtle!!!!!!!!! Here is my blog about Pokemon Go in Finland:

Now I am on the ferry writing this heading back to Estonia for one day. Then off to Ireland.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!