Anthem #76: Ireland

As most of you know, we are almost at the end of our journey.  So I will now start counting down: only 5 more countries until we go home!!!  

In Ireland, Capri sang on Grafton Street in Dublin and we even met some people from Vancouver. We got a newspaper to cover us (The Irish Independant) - see article below:

Please see the anthem singing below:

I have an Irish heritage, so I was interested in coming to Ireland. My mom's first name is Irish, as well as her maiden name (Moriarty). I really loved the Celtic feel of Ireland, especially the small town of Wexford that we visited after Dublin. We also got to be featured on a radio station in Wexford called South East Radio and we enjoyed meeting everyone there.

Here's a little history about Ireland and the Vikings:
At the end of the eighth century, Viking raiders appeared in the Irish seas when they arrived from Scandinavia. At first, they stayed close to the coast, but after that, they established settlements in Ireland after raiding many monasteries. The Irish invented a new type of building called the "round tower" which was a tower that they built to protect their monasteries.  The only entrance to the tower was 10 feet from the ground so you needed a ladder to get to the door. The kingdoms of Northern Europe, including Ireland, eventually built up strong enough armies to fight off the Vikings, but many treasures were stolen during the raids.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!