Anthem #79: Iceland

.Iceland is country 79 and we are proud to have gotten this far! The first time people to set foot anywhere near North America or Iceland were Vikings. Specifically, the Viking named Erik the Red. Erik named Greenland that so that anyone who went there thought, because it was named Greenland, it would be nice and warm.  But when they went there, they froze to death. He also named Iceland so that people would not come there because they would expect it to be freezing cold!

We really loved Iceland but, it was SO expensive. A ten minute taxi was forty dollars! Capri sang the beautiful (but very hard to pronounce) Icelandic anthem in front of the church that starts with a H and is very hard to spell (Hallgrímskirkja). Here is the anthem singing below:

We met the SOS Director at the Church  that Capri sang at, then he took us on a tour of some of the nearby landmarks (video blog below).  

He took us to the President's house nearby and we knocked on the door... HE ANSWERED THE DOOR and we got to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PHOTO BELOW)

The national Iceland TV also came to cover the event. Click here to see the clip:

Thanks for reading and watching!!!