Anthem #80: U.S

As you all know this is country EIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited to proclaim to the world that we have made it!!!!!!!!!! We would love to thank you all for supporting us through our journey, especially everyone from SOS Children's Villages and all those who donated to this amazing charity (fyi it isn't too late to donate and here is the link:

This event was the biggest of all... A BASEBALL GAME!!!!!!!!!! But before that, we had the most busy days of our lives. SOS booked suites in the baseball stadium for an SOS party to watch Capri sing her 80th anthem. The head of PayPal Canada was there (he is on the SOS Board) along with a Canadian Colonel. Here it is!!!:

We had amazing media coverage of this last event. Here's one article:

While we were in Washington D.C, we went to 2 of the Smithsonian Museums and the Spy Museum. All of which were amazing!!! 

The Spy Museum was incredible! The parts I liked the most were the vents that you could crawl through from room to room. They even a bar that you hang on to and it goes up then it shakes a bit and a clock starts and you must hold on for sixty seconds (like James Bond). They also had a bunch of Bond movie props.

Washington D.C was really awesome!! Now, off to Toronto where Capri will sing at a Blue Jays game on August 26th!! 

Thanks for reading and watching!!