Guinness World Record Interviews

Guinness World Records just posted the interviews that we did in the London HQ! Now, I have posted the videos below, but I also want to tell you the story of how we got these interviews, as Guinness was not the easiest place to get access to!!!

It all started when my dad had the idea to go to the Guinness HQ in London, England. When we reached the floor that the Guinness place was supposed to be, we all gasped as we saw the sign that said:


"OH NO!!" we all said. We wasted no time and we ran to another office. "Excuse me?" my dad asked "Do you know where Guinness moved to." "No" the woman said "But I could find it on google maps." "We already tried the maybe just google it on the website." my mom said the desk clerk type it in "O.K you have to take the tube and go to Canary Wharf but you have to run for it because the office is closing soon and is not right by the tube." "Thank you!" we said.

After travelling across the city to where the new offices were supposed to be, we walked up the steps into the building. "Welcome to Canary Wharf. How can I help you?" the desk clerks asked, "We would like to go to the Guinness offices," my mom asked. "Sorry but you have to have a appointment."

After talking our way into the offices, we finally found the right person to talk to! I recognized Marco right away from the Guinness Youtube videos and I knew we had found the right person! He loved our story and told us to come back on Monday to be interviewed by the whole social media team for special videos.

So, when Monday came, we were in a big rush as we had interviews in Oxford and then had to get into the middle of London very fast. We walked up the stairs after a long ride in the subway system, then my mom checked the time, "Oh my gosh!!!" she said "If we don't take a cab and run up the stairs to the Guinness HQ, then we are going to be late for the interviews!!!" We ran to the side of the street and my dad whistled "TAXI!!!" my sister yelled. We got into the taxi. "Can you take us to Guinness Offices!" my mom asked "Sure but it might take a while, were driving at rush hour!" the driver said "Just get us their as fast as you can please." The taxi sped down the road and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that we might just get there in time.

Ten minutes later, we realized we were not going to make it in time if we did not pick up the pace. "Sorry, but this is heavy traffic. If you want to make it there, I will let you off here with no charge." The driver said "Thank you so much!" We all said "O.K we have to take the tube and get off at Guinness Offices and run for the building. Suddenly, that sigh of relief caught in my throat "we might not make it" I thought.

Five minutes later, we ran up the stairs of the tube and started to run (keep in mind that we still had our luggage with us backpacks and all). We dashed across the sidewalk and into the Guinness building. We wasted no time in running to the tube taking the stairs two at a time. After jumping into the subway and riding it all the way to Canary Wharf, we jumped out and ran out of the tube, running around bikes and dodging people while still managing to hold onto our luggage. When we got into the building, the same desk clerks from before were there "Hello how can I help you?" they said. "We have an appointment for Guinness interviews." my dad said after checking the appointment list they said "Go right up. Marco is waiting for you!" 

That's the story of how we got our Guinness interviews!!!!!

Thanks for reading and watching!!!