Short Film Premiere at San Diego Int'l Kids' Film Festival

Hello everybody!!! Hope you have had an amazing summer so far. 

I wanted to tell you about our short documentary (just an fyi that there are two films: a short and a long documentary) and about how it is premiering at a film festival in the US. The film is going to premiere on August 26, 2017 at the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival. Here is the link to the trailer:


Ok, now that you're back, I wanted to tell you about the awards we have won so far: Best Documentary Short at the upcoming Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and we also won an award at the Impact DOCS Awards. 

We have submitted to many other film festivals for the Short Documentary and the Long Documentary and we will keep you updated!

I hope that you have a fantastic rest of your summer and I'll see you later.

Thanks for reading and watching!!!